ISE Magnetics manufactures both lead frame planar magnetics and traditional toroidal and linear wound components. We serve our customers with a high-mix variety and low-to-mid volumes.

Specific production cell solutions
ISE Magnetics can provide specific production cell solutions to optimize the production efficiency of customers that manufacture larger production series. In addition, ISE Magnetics uses specific processes, such as toroidal and linear winding, stacking, soldering, potting, molding, varnishing, welding, cutting, gluing, taping, annealing, mounting, isolating, connecting or module assembly for small and medium-sized production series.

Fastlane Prototyping

ISE Magnetics has a department specifically focused on fast-lane prototyping and small series production. Our highly skilled staff can quickly provide you with samples or prototypes and small series of any part you require. Allowing you to easily verify or validate if the part meets all necessary requirements or quickly start up production. Our fast-lane prototyping suppliers can provide any production components at short notice.

Our fast-lane prototyping and small series production department is located in the Netherlands and has the staff, tools, and equipment to fast track production.

Quality Manufacturing

Quality manufacturing requires highly skilled staff that has the ambition to supply high-quality products. The design phase is essential in creating a high-quality production part because during that phase producibility and repeatability are integrated into the design.

Subsequently, production must be organized in such a way that operators know exactly what to do and how to manufacture a high-quality part. Inspection then provides the proof that the part is meeting the necessary requirements. Moreover, ISE Magnetics can provide product traceability throughout the manufacturing process for the medical and aerospace industry. Since the early nineties, ISE Magnetics is known for its top-quality products and services.

ISE Magnetics - Quality

Custom Solutions

ISE Magnetics specializes in designing custom solutions at a price similar to that of catalogue parts. And focuses on High-Mix/Low-to-Mid Volume manufacturing. Click on the illustrations below for more information on the various design categories and the specific parts designed by ISE Magnetics.

Quotation Request

Do you require a custom-made inductive component, a replacement part or one of our ready-made products, please submit a quotation request and we will get back to you shortly.

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