Capability and scale

ISE MAGNETICS masters both the traditional toroidal and linear wound components as well as planar magnetics that are strip based.

ISE is focused on low-medium volume production from about 50 pieces a year up to generally maximally 100 k pieces of a part annually, of a high mix variety of parts that is being built in her own factories or external production facilities.

Techniques, automation and processes

Although ISE can provide specific production cell solutions to optimize production efficiency to customers for larger production series, ISE applies typical processes as toroidal and linear winding, stacking, soldering, potting, moulding, varnishing, welding, cutting, gluing, taping, annealing, module assembly, mounting, isolating or connecting for small and medium sizes series.

Fast lane prototyping

ISE has a fast lane prototype and small series department with highly skilled staff that can quickly provide samples or prototypes and small series for customers to verify or validate their applications or start their production rapidly. Fastlane suppliers of ISE are then used to provide production components in short notice.

This department is located in the Netherlands and has the staff, the tools and the equipment to fast track production and/or assembly of inductive components and mechanical modules.


In design, production, inspection and sometimes traceability

Any performance requires staff that know their job. And who have the ambition to supply high quality products.  Quality of a production part starts in the design stage, where produceability and repeatability is being integrated in the design.

Production must then be organized that operators well know their tasks and what quality means. Inspection provides the proof that the part is fulfilling its requirements and for certain key markets ISE can provide traceability.

ISE has a great track record for proving quality to her customers since the early nineties.

Magnetic solutions

ISE specialises in designing custom solutions, with comparable cost level to catalogue parts. ISE’s scope is high-mix for low-medium volume series. Here below a few categories and illustrations of ISE designed parts.

Quotation request

If you are looking for a customized part for your device or system, replacement or an existing part, you can either contact our sales team by phone, or by mailing our general mail address (see the phone and mail button on the page). We are ready to assist you in making your application work.


T: +31 (0)13 462 5910


Quotation request

Quotation Request