ISE Magnetics is a medium-sized company with extensive experience in creating customer-specific designs for high-frequency inductive components and magnetic mechanical modules.

ISE Magnetics found its origins in the medical industry as part of a Philips’ division specialized in developing and producing high-tech inductive solutions for Philips’ internal customers.

The company was founded in 1992 as a MBO of Philips Electronics. At the end of the nineties, a former division of Imphy SA joined ISE Magnetics. This division mainly specialized in toroidal products, a construction topology that in many cases – also due to current powder core technologies – has many advantages compared to other transformer building forms.

The fact that ISE Magnetics originates from Philips Electronics and Imphy SA is still reflected in the company’s current competences that are centered around providing reliable and smart design solutions for innovative technologies. As a privately-owned company, ISE Magnetics wants to help its customers develop meaningful innovations. ISE Magnetics is part of the Magnetic Domains Group as is PHYNICX Metallurgy, a company specialized in Ni-Fe, Co-Fe and Ni-Co-Fe alloys and their applications, which provide controlled thermal expansion properties or soft-magnetic properties. The so-called ‘Magnetic Domains’ in metals are responsible for both the soft magnetic and the thermal expansion characteristics of materials.

Our mission

ISE Magnetics aims at providing the market with best-practice solutions and quality components by designing production parts for new technologies, by continuously being up- to-date on materials and by applying (self-built) simulation tools.

Our vision

ISE Magnetics stands for smart, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions, developed for long-standing customers that bring relevant technologies to market.