ISE has a vast experience and knowledge of more than 30 years in inductive components. With long time working engineers that are challenged by great customers’ technologies, and who are also updated regularly by seminars and trainings. ISE has the capability to broadly transform power through her components.

Thermal management

Thermal management is a critical element for our customers applications and therefore of key interest to the parts that ISE designs. As performance requirements are increasing, ISE has foreseen for 2022 to build a field lab simulation instrument, that provides simulation of effects of either air or water cooling on power heated inductive components.

Besides this physical measurement instrument, ISE also applies FEM based thermal management software to predict the heating of the part itself and the effect on its surroundings in case the customers want to have this predicted.


ISE has the unique capability to apply or integrate inductive components in custom specific mechanical structures. To provide inductive-mechanical assembly for customers.

Our design process

Based on customer’s specifications ISE will initially verify feasibility, if the technical requirements are within our scope of designing and manufacturing. If this is positively confirmed, we start our designing process.

To verify our design calculations we generally produce a verification sample to obtain evidence to ensure its functionality.