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Planar magnetics are becoming more popular in the applications where available space for magnetic components on PCB has constraints. Planar magnetics are compact and have low profile (height) compared to wire wound components.
At ISE we design and develop planar transformers and inductors for switch mode power supply applications.
Advantages of planar magnetics:
1. Low profile: Planar magnetic core is typically (25-50) % the height of its wire wound counterpart
2. Good thermal characteristics: planar cores have higher surface are to volume ratio compared to conventional magnetic core.
3. High power density
4. Ease of manufacturability.
5. Controlled parasitics( leakage inductance and capacitance)
6. High currents (>500A) applications are easy to design.

At ISE we can design planar magnetics for different topologies:

Power levels: up to 200 KW
Output currents: up to 1500A
Frequency: 40 KHz-1MHZ
Dielectric strength: up till 4000Vrms

• Full bridge(ZVS) /Half bridge/Push Pull Transformer
• LLC transformer
• Flyback Transformer
• Forward Transformer
• Buck/Boost inductor
• PFC inductor
• Output filter Inductor

DC-DC converters, On board Electric Vehicle chargers, Aerospace & Military applications
Railway applications, High Power LED lighting, Renewable Energy applications.

Hans Batenburg, Reddy Andapally & Ad Soetens