Development is cooperation

ISE focuses on continuity with its customers, which in practice leads to long-term relationships and close cooperation. Only a close relationship between customer and supplier leads to optimal results in the supply chain, the result is a vast number of customers that is working with ISE is significant. Confirmation that our clientele values the capacities and the development of ISE as a company.

Cooperation should include that ISE strongly focuses on the needs of its customers, both in terms of technical design, manufacturability, cost and security of supply. Cooperation also means a flexible attitude towards its customers.

ISE is regularly member of its customer's new technical projects and is able to offer customers in these early stages of their technical development with assistance. The contribution to its customer doesn't end with the designed magnetic component, since we have also vast  knowledge of electronics in a wide sense.

Cooperation means also that ISE values its relationship with its supplier network as of great importance and ISE stimulates an active contribution from her suppliers. Again ISE continuity and good relationships with its suppliers is pursued and maintained and suppliers can rely on the strict working by our agreements.