NUNA7 Team wins World Solar challenge with new filter inductors of ISE MAGNETICS

NUNA 7 TEAM of Delft’s University takes World Championships of Solar Racing in Australia
With very latest in solar and electronic technology, amongst the brand new very efficient Filter Inductors of ISE Magnetics. The Nuna7 crossed the line on Thursday morning to claim the title with an average speed of of 90 km/h for the 3000 km journey.

ISE designed and produced the highly efficient high current filter inductors for the NUNA 7 Solar Powered Car. In close collaboration with the Delft University of Technology. Making use of the latest in components and materials with very high BS saturation and low core losses @ high frequency. Excellent fit for high current applications. Resulting in low temp rise & cost saving.
The components are smaller, lighter and consumes less energy.

Typical applications: DM Chokes, PFC Chokes and Output Chokes in electrical cars, electrical drives,
Led Lighting, Chip machines, TV Camera’s, Medical equipment etc.

ISE congratulates the NUNA 7 TEAM with the victory of the World Championships of Solar Racing in Australia.
ISE participates on the APEC 2014

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